Best Truck Dealership in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Nelson International Trucks named best Heavy Duty Truck Dealership in North Dakota and Minnesota!

Nelson International "Best Truck Dealer" awardWe have named Nelson International Trucks the premier truck dealership in the North Dakota and Minnesota, midwest region.

This company has proven that it is the best in its class for providing quality service to it’s local customers as well as the customers the drive through the area.

The trucking industry is like no other. It is a business that is constantly on the move. There are truckers that only run across a town or city. There are trucks that run from state to state. Then there are what in the business is referred to as “over the road” truckers, who drive across the entire country.

So when a business is asked to take care of these customers, it can be quite difficult. But as we searched and talked to and surveyed people across the United States, they say that one area is taken care of the best. It is North Dakota and Minnesota and mostly because of one dealership spanning across the two states. That company being Nelson International, also know as Nelson Leasing.

Nelson International is a company that cares about their customer’s time as they know that time is money, especially in the trucking industry. Trucks are not cheap and they need to be well maintained as there is no other vehicle that drives as many miles as a heavy duty semi.

Nelson International has won 4 awards from us.

The first award is the “best heavy duty truck dealer” award. This award is the most prestigious award that we present to the trucking industry. Congratulations to the Nelson International Team!!!

The second award is the “best heavy duty all makes truck parts inventory” award. Between their four locations, they have millions of dollars in parts inventory, taking care of what you need TODAY!

The third award they received is the “best place for truck service” award. They have again and again proved that with their years and years of experience that they are able to keep there customers on the road with as little downtime as possible.

And the fourth and final award that Nelson International received is the “best place to buy or lease a truck” award. This award was presented because of the experience and understanding of the customer and their specific needs with their specific application.

Again, congratulations to, in our opinion, the best truck dealer in the United States, Nelson international Trucks!

Using Email Time Machine for fun.

Email Time Machine can send anonymous has released an amazing software to play pranks on your friends. You have the ability to send anonymous emails to anyone from any date.This has never been seen before but somehow they figured it out. We realize that we commonly focus on Fargo Businesses more than technology or global business, but we decided that this was just too cool not to share. has revolutionized prank playing with this technology. You can email your friends from any address for example, their girlfriends and say that it is over. Then give them a call and ask how it’s going.. We know, we know, its kind of ruthless, but its good for a good laugh. Other comparable technologies are Google. We know that may be a stretch but we believe this is truly amazing. Thanks for reading our post. We love our readers and hope that you visit us again.

Where to find insurance in Fargo?

Insurance in Fargo

Fargo has a wonderful new Insurance website.For us the most important factors when it comes to insurance is having an agent that will take care of you in case you have problems, questions, inquiries, etc. Now if you buy from a major company without local agents, you will sit on hold for hours and will not have someone taking care of you. Since we deal with only businesses in Fargo. We wanted to bring you a golden nugget site called InsuranceFargo. provides honest reviews and information about several insurance companies in Fargo. We found this after days of searching for a site that can help find the best possible insurance for all of us. With all of the advertising and nonsense on the internet, it can be very difficult to find what we are looking for online. We found this site on the third page of Google and we are so glad we did. We were able to get a quote online with their site and we received the top 5 policies available. The best part is this site does not just give you one type of insurance. It offers health, life, auto, homeowners, ltc, and many other types of insurance, gives quality reviews and gets quotes from thousands and thousands of different insurance companies. It is definitely worth a look.

Trucks in Fargo, ND

Trucking in Fargo

Truck driver traveling through Fargo, NDMillions of truck drivers go through Fargo everyday. No matter what brand truck it may be, we are all looking for things to do if we need to stop. Whether it be looking for a place to put in fuel, finding a place to eat, finding a truck stop, or even if we are looking to buy trucks parts in Fargo.We all need a reliable place to find this information.

Google maps is probably the most popular place for people to find things to do in Fargo or whatever town it may be. This a very popular trend right now and will continue to be for years to come. However, Google maps is not the only place to find things to do when we are driving around the world.

There are many local sites that can give you more information than Google maps can. There are individuals who do a lot of research in their town to give people the best information they can about their town and what they have to offer. These industry specific sites are places to find much more information.

One of these sites if you are a truck driver going through Fargo is Fargo Truck. I visited this site the other day as I drove through Fargo and I was totally impressed. I also needed a few other things and found them on a couple other local sites. I will be sharing those with you in the days to come.