Best Truck Dealership in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Nelson International Trucks named best Heavy Duty Truck Dealership in North Dakota and Minnesota!

Nelson International "Best Truck Dealer" awardWe have named Nelson International Trucks the premier truck dealership in the North Dakota and Minnesota, midwest region.

This company has proven that it is the best in its class for providing quality service to it’s local customers as well as the customers the drive through the area.

The trucking industry is like no other. It is a business that is constantly on the move. There are truckers that only run across a town or city. There are trucks that run from state to state. Then there are what in the business is referred to as “over the road” truckers, who drive across the entire country.

So when a business is asked to take care of these customers, it can be quite difficult. But as we searched and talked to and surveyed people across the United States, they say that one area is taken care of the best. It is North Dakota and Minnesota and mostly because of one dealership spanning across the two states. That company being Nelson International, also know as Nelson Leasing.

Nelson International is a company that cares about their customer’s time as they know that time is money, especially in the trucking industry. Trucks are not cheap and they need to be well maintained as there is no other vehicle that drives as many miles as a heavy duty semi.

Nelson International has won 4 awards from us.

The first award is the “best heavy duty truck dealer” award. This award is the most prestigious award that we present to the trucking industry. Congratulations to the Nelson International Team!!!

The second award is the “best heavy duty all makes truck parts inventory” award. Between their four locations, they have millions of dollars in parts inventory, taking care of what you need TODAY!

The third award they received is the “best place for truck service” award. They have again and again proved that with their years and years of experience that they are able to keep there customers on the road with as little downtime as possible.

And the fourth and final award that Nelson International received is the “best place to buy or lease a truck” award. This award was presented because of the experience and understanding of the customer and their specific needs with their specific application.

Again, congratulations to, in our opinion, the best truck dealer in the United States, Nelson international Trucks!

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